Since February 2019, (information site about EXC in Japan) has gathered new logo designs for EXC.

Out of over 50 logo designs that were assembled, 1 has officially been chosen.

This article will dig into how the logo has changed and the rebranding of EXC.

  • New Logo of EXC
    • Concept of the New Logo
  • Kotose Shiratori, The Designer
  • Official site of EXC (

New Logo of EXC

This is the new logo of EXC:

EXC Tokens are commonly called 'EXcoin' in Japan

It has a very sophisticated and beautiful design.

Concept of the New Logo

We asked Mr. Shiratori, the designer about the concept of the new logo.

Concept of the New Logo

The advanced security system of EXC is expressed through the colour blue which represents trust, honesty and technology. EX is expressed by the E-shaped figure on the left and a blank X-shaped figure on the right. The entire logo is circle shaped to express a coin. (In Japan, EXC Tokens are commonly referred to as EXcoin).

As you can see, the design reflects the features of EXC.

The characters "EX" is displayed in the logo.

The composition ratio of the logo:

Before and After:

Kotose Shiratori, The Designer

The official website of "Kotose Shiratori," an arts student who likes birds and oriental art is below:

Official Website of Kotose Shiratori

Other than the new EXC logo, you can see high-level designs by Mr. Shiratori.

Through design, I aim deliver a message to the target and accurately illustrate the philosophy and individuality of each brand and products that are all unique in their own way.

About l Kotose Shiratori

Official Site of EXC (

The official website for Excor has been renewed with the new logo. There has been a drastic change with the website.

Image Source:

FOCREX, a cryptocurrency exchange where you can invest in EXC, also reflects the new logo design.


EXC has been featured in a variety of media since the start of 2019.

Nepal is currently planning to introduce the EXC Platform, and along with the new logo, we expect the recognition of EXC to spread across the world in a few years.

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