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  • The Long Term Goal of EXC

Long story short, the market capitalization of excor was $144 million USD when it first got listed and the long-term goal of EXC is to gain a 1% share of the world's fiat currency market.

By reading this article you will understand the vision and long-term goal of EXC developers, allowing you to infer the market capitalization and price it will reach. You will also be able to forecast long-term charts, which is what you should understand before investing.

Start Small and Grow Big

Although excor emerged as a cryptocurrency (crypto asset) it has much more to it than traditional cryptocurrencies. The fundamental idea behind EXC is different and it is essentially a digital payment platform that has the capacity to change the world's payment system.

To maximise its potential, the developer's has decided to 'Start Small and Grow Big".

It first started in the cryptocurrency market (as it is advantageous in terms of regulation), to gradually increase the number of supporters who can see its intrinsic value without any marketing (as marketing will reduce EXC's net asset value). By obtaining a certain percentage of shares before other large enterprises realises, it will be a fait accompli, enabling EXC to avoid pressure from global companies and interventions by the state.

Experimental Period

Excor was listed on Big Boss Exchange (FOCREX) on November 30, 2018. However even after becoming publicly tradable, the price only increased to around 12200 by the start of 2020. This is because the developer's wanted a track record to prove the security level of EXC. Mr. Koji Fusa, one of the developer's named this the 'proof experiment' when he appeared on Mentalist DaiGo's broadcast.

What You Can See From EXC's Chart

Most altcoins (alternative coins to Bitcoin) have spent a great deal of money marketing prior the ICO to induce investors to purchase their cryptocurrency. After the ICO, the price of the cryptocurrency will spike and the developers would sell out. As the altcoins made using the Ethereum Platform can be made with low cost, the developers made fortunes doing this.

This is the truth behind the virtual currency bubble in 2017.

However the chart for excor has low volatility and continues to rise steadily. This is because excor's fundamental value is to maintain its value and trust. This shows how excor is dedicated to providing value in the long-term unlike other cryptocurrencies that were made by self-centred people for their own benefit.

A Year After Excor Becomes Public

Several months have passed since the listing, and more people have started to become aware of EXC's value. Although the trading volume and price have steadily been increasing, the public's awareness is still low. For example if you ask 1000 people on the streets if they know bitcoin, most people will answer yes. On the other hand, even if you ask 1000 people on the street if they know excor, it is highly unlikely that even a single person will answer yes.

EXC's Patent Strategy

Even though the public awareness is still low, several governments and central banks are aware of EXC's value. This is because the developer's have a lot of influence.

Mr. Koji Fusa is the top M&A banker/fund manager in Japan and has earned high praise from the global financial markets. He is also an adviser to Oxford University, where he provides lectures about various topics.

Mr. Susumu Kusakabe is Japan's most famous engineer and the developer of FeliCa, a payment platform used all around the world. Even Steve Jobs had respect and gained aspiration from SONY, which was during the time period when Mr. Kusakabe was an engineer at SONY.

Being the first cryptocurrency to have a patent is one of EXC's major factor that underpin its capabilities. I suspect that some countries will begin to seriously consider introducing the EXC platform within a year.

If the central bank of an economy adopts the EXC platform, it becomes possible to make EXC tokens (excor) as foreign currency reserve instead of the fiat currency. In this case, the fiat currency converted to US dollars will be accumulated in the Digital Central Bank of excor. On the other hand, countries that adopt the EXC platform will be able to build a secure payment system with little operational cost, and will also benefit from the price increase of the EXC token (excor).

Current State of the Global Payment System

For example in Myanmar, 60% of households have a smartphone while only 10% have a bank account. Since EXC is compatible with all smartphones equipped with NFC, a smartphone can serve as a cash register in stores and all payments will be completed within 0.2 seconds. In many developing economies, it is more rational in many aspects to build a payment system that only requires a smartphone than to spread the banking system.

In Egypt, the cost of transporting cash is so high that the stores are not supplied with the necessary bills. It has come to a point where in many cases, the cashier will not give you change because it lacks the bills to do so. EXC can easily fix this problem as the time and cost it takes to transfer money is significantly low.

Additionally, Japan is wasting over $17.6 billion transporting cash to ATM's and bank branches spread across the country. Including the cost to manufacture the cash, electricity fees, maintenance fees, labour for cleaning, it is estimated that cash is costing Japan around $75 billion. America which has a large landscape is spending around $200 billion just for transporting the cash (obviously much more when including manufacturing, electricity, maintenance and other labour fees). Russia is also estimated to be using $190 billion USD manufacturing and transporting the cash as well. If these costs were reduced, the surplus gained could be used for other economic necessities.

Long-term Goal of EXC

EXC ultimately aims to take 1% share of the world's fiat market.

This may sound insignificant but do you know the total value of all fiat currencies?

The answer is $90.4 trillion USD (as of January 2019)

Additionally, $90.4 trillion is only the observable amount. If you include money in the form of investments, derivatives and cryptocurrencies the total money in circulation is said to exceed $1.2 quadrillion. Also since the Covid-19 crisis, central banks have printed large amounts of money to stimulate the economy, meaning there is potentially much more money in circulation than what we think.

Anyhow Since 1% of $90.4 trillion is $904 billion, that would be about 6300 times the market capitalization of excor when it went public ($144 million).

Since the technology used in EXC has a patent valid for 20 years, it has an advantage over other companies for at least 20 years. By the end of this period, i think that it is very likely that EXC will achieve its goal.

Just to make it easier for you to imagine what $904 billion is like, Apple is worth $1.3 trillion (as of December 2019) and Amazon is worth $972 million (as of March 2020).


The market capitalization of excor at the time of listing is approximately $144 million.

In the long run, it aims to take a 1% share of the world's fiat currency market, and if we do so, the market capitalization will increase by 6300 times.

Considering the developer's strategy of 'Start Small and Grow Big', the price of excor will not change significantly for a while. Until something significant happens such as a central bank implements the EXC system, we believed it will continue to rise steadily.

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