The world's most prolific investor, Warren Buffet says that you should understand who is the one managing the company to see its potential and reliability. By learning about Mr. Fusa and Mr. Kusakabe i am sure you will be able to see the true worth of EXC and what it aims to accomplish.

This Article Will Cover:

The 2 Founders of EXC
Mr. Koji Fusa
Mr. Susumu Kusakabe

Comparing EXC & Apple founders (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak)

In San Francisco Bay Area, many professional investors contrast EXC with Apple with Mr. Fusa as Steve Jobs and Mr. Kusakabe as Steve Wozniak.

With Steve Jobs positioned as the CEO, tagged with the genius engineer Wozniak, Apple became one of the most successful companies in the world. As for EXC, the tag of Mr. Fusa and Mr. Kusakabe who are experts in finance and engineering could be foreshadowing how successful and dominant EXC will become.

The Start of EXC

EXC was Invented in the Hospital

During the spring of 2017, Mr. Fusa had an accident when he went skiing with his family in Japan. His whole body below his neck became paralyzed and the doctor told him he would recover in around 2 weeks. In such a situation when ordinary people would feel despair, Mr. Fusa utilized this time by analyzing bitcoin which was in the middle of a cryptocurrency bubble. After figuring out the problems surrounding not only bitcoin but cryptocurrencies and blockchains, he started formulating his own cryptocurrency (excor) while solving the problems existing cryptocurrencies possess.

Prior to this incident Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi from Myanmar requested Mr. Fusa to create a digital payment platform, leading to the development of the EXC Platform.

In order to develop both excor and the EXC Platform, Mr. Fusa needed the assistance of Mr. Kusakabe who developed a secure and low-cost payment system called FeliCa.

Haters of cryptocurrency

Mr. Fusa and Mr. Kusakabe are both big haters of cryptocurrency. They agree with the saying that 'bitcoin is a scam' since they are both experts in security and finance. They both believed that the security levels in existing cryptocurrencies are far from safe and the system proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto is too cost inefficient.

Before Mr. Fusa asked Mr. Kusakabe for help, he was worried that he will get rejected knowing that Mr. Kusakabe hated cryptocurrencies, but after hearing EXC's rational philosophy for security and low cost operation, Mr. Kusakabe decided to cooperate.

Profile of Koji Fusa, the finance expert

Japan's pioneer of M&A

After graduating from Waseda University with a Bachelor's degree (BA) in System Engineering he enters Oxford University. After an investment banker from S.G. Warburg (currently UBS) read Mr. Fusa's scholar regarding exchange rates, he recommended Mr. Fusa to join the finance industry. During this time period, to work at an investment banker as a university graduate you required a MBA or be a certified lawyer/accountant, but Mr. Fusa was talented enough to join S.G. Warburg regardless.

After returning to Japan in 1997, the M&A team led by Mr. Fusa became Japan's No.1 stock underwriter by beating other major companies including nomura securities and Daiwa securities who previously held majority of the market share.

"Life is an experiment" is Mr. Fusa's motto and he has tried various methods to expand market share in Japan, ultimately making outstanding results.

After becoming Japan's No.1 investment banker, he was offered to become a director in the headquarters located in London and was entrusted with the primary, secondary AND the asset management department (which is exceptional in the investment banking industry).

After a while when Credit Suisse (competitor of S. G.Warburg) was trying to build influence in the Japanese market, they headhunted Mr. Fusa and offered exceptional conditions as they saw Mr. Fusa as the 'one and only' person capable of leading the position as the head of investment bank for Credit Suisse's branch in Japan.

Establishes Sandringham Fund (Hedge Fund)

In 2005, when he became so successful as a investment banker with an offer a position to manage over 10 billion Japanese Yen, he denies to establish his own hedge fund called the Sandringham Fund which made a staggering return of 90% in the year of establishment.

He also participated in the operations of DLJ Direct SFG Securities (currently Rakuten Securities) which is Japan's first FX company. Mr. Fusa is the one who set up the foundations of Japan's FX industry from scratch.

The article: Sandringham Capital Partners Limited Catching the new wave of reform in Japan by the hedge fund journal describes the investment methods of Sandringham Capital Partners in detail.

Ever since, he has actively been involved in private equity funds, Oxford University, Myanmar Restoration Project etc and is currently working on the EXC project.

Profile of Susumu Kusakabe, Japan's god of technology

Develops FeliCa and devises a strategy for SONY to become the world's leading company

Mr. Kusakabe gets a job at Sony after graduating from Waseda University with a Bachelor's degree (BA) in Mechanical Engineering

As an engineer, he succeeded in developing FeliCa and established the NFC of the international standard ISO/IEC18092. FeliCa is EAL6+ certified by Common Criteria, which has not been hacked for the last 21 years, and possesses military-class security.

With this outstanding system, Mr. Kusakabe created a gateway for SONY to gain the market share of the global payment system. However, due to the conservative management team of SONY, FeliCa became a payment system dedicated to Japan while also allowing several competitors to develop their own IC cards.

The systems created by Mr. Kusakabe including FeliCa and Edy were all capable of dominating the world's payment system. But was suppressed due to the mistakes made by SONY's management team.

EXC is essentially another innovative system made by Mr. Kusakabe which GVEltd (Mr. Fusa's company) manages, currently progressing towards becoming the world most prominent digital payment platform.

Why Mr. Kusakabe foreshadows Steve Wozniak

Mr. Kusakabe inherits the bloodline of a business man. His great-grandfather Mr Kotarou was successful establishing 'Kusakabe Steamship', a shipping business which was called the 'King of Shipping'. His grandfather, Hisao was successful in transforming the inherited business into a construction business. His father was also a fabulous engineer. And now Mr. Kusakabe holds quality engineering skills.

Not only does Mr. Kusakabe possess exceptional skills as an engineer, he also has excellent business skills which is evident when you look at the strategies he devised to make FeliCa the world dominant payment system (which SONY ruined).

You can also see Mr. Kusakabe's entrepreneurial temperament from the story that he succeeded making a business that utilized engineering technology as a university student which earned an income several times more than his salary working at SONY.

As the engineer who developed EXC and understanding the management strategy, it is clear that EXC has a great advantage over other competitors.


  • This article covered Mr. Fusa and Mr. Kusakabe's career background.

Both of them are from Rokko Gakuin, one of the leading advanced schools in Kansai, and Mr. Kusakabe was 2 years above Mr. Fusa. Like Apple's Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it's a tag that can bring out the best of each other.

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