EXC can be easily bought on smartphones. But as it can only be bought on FOCREX run by Prime Point LLC. (As of November 2020) we thought it would help many people if we made a guide on how to purchase them.

I have explained how to purchase EXC on a PC and this article will explain how to purchase one from your smartphone.

Open an Account At BigBoss

There are 4 simple steps to open an account:

4 Steps

1. Enter "Agreement / Required Items"

2. Upload Documents

3. Finished!

First, create an account from this Open Account Page (A new tab will open)

Changes to opening an account in 2021

Bigboss has unified their account opening option to 'Quick Open Account"

However, clicking this "Quick Open Account" option will not require a KYC, meaning that you will not be able to link your excors to your account.

Therefore, the Excor security system which will recover any hacked or lost tokens will not function properly. If you have selected "Open Quick Account", please do KYC from My Page as soon as possible.

1. Agreement / Required items

Scroll to the bottom of the "Open New Account" page and enter as follows.

As for the "Account Type" it can be any of the options. (I personally selected USD Standard 999 : 1)

The Account tyoe does not matter because you are just selecting a forex account, which you won't be using to purchase EXC.

HOWEVER, please make sure to tick "I also need Focrex account"

Focrex is the account where you will be trading your EXC.

After entering your name, e-mail address, nationality/country of residence and any other requirements, you can continue to the next step.

(it is recommended to enter the same name as your credit card to avoid any troubles when depositing money)

2. Upload Documents

After opening your account please login and go to "My page" to complete your KYC

You will need 2 documents:

  1. Proof of Identification Documents
  2. Proof of Address

More specifically:

You can do both from your smartphone.


After your documents are uploaded, you are done registering your account.

You will then receive 2 email from BigBoss in 0 to 1 business days notifying you that your accounts has been opened.

  • Notice of your Live trading Account Opened
  • Notice of your FOCREX Account Opened

Your account number and password is written on these emails, so make sure to keep them somewhere safe.

If you do not receive the e-mail after 2 business days, it may have been sent to the junk mail, so please check that as well.

If your application is incomplete, BigBoss Support will contact you by email and you can just follow the instructions to apply again.

Now you have successfully opened your account.

Depositing to BigBoss

Credit Card is probably the easiest way.

After logging into BigBoss, press the 'MENU' on the left hand side, tap 'Deposit' and tap 'by Credit Card'

Please then follow the instructions outlined below:

When you have successfully deposited money, you can check your balance by logging into FOCREX.

How to Buy Excor

After logging into FOCREX, press EXC/USD as seen on the image below.

Please make sure to confirm that you are looking at the EXC chart.

When you scroll down, you will see the "ORDERBOOK"

The red number is the seller's price of EXC and the green number is the buyer's desired price.

Therefore, the cheapest EXC for sale is the lowest number highlighted in red.

Please remember this number.

Next, scroll up and display the order book. 

Enter the amount you remembered earlier in the "Price" field (or your desired buy price).

It can be purchased in units of upto 0.01 The "Total" will then be calculated automatically.

Just make sure that the amount displayed in "Total" does not exceed the amount of US dollars you have.

When you're done, tap the green "Buy" button. Make sure to confirmed that the purchased EXC are reflected in your "BALANCES".

When Your Lost

Bigboss has a support team that you can contact.

In most cases, you will get a reply within a few minutes, so if you have any questions, trying asking them.

The contact form opens by opening "Message" at the bottom left of the screen.

BigBoss is one of the few crypto and forex exchange companies that offer such service as it is very difficult to contact support for most other exchanges Please take advantage of it.

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